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Provincial Department of Commerce on organizing and participating in the first half of 2021
Notice of "Jiangsu Youpin. Go Global" Online International Exhibition

The commerce bureaus of each district and city, the commerce bureaus of Kunshan City, Taixing City, and Shuyang County, and all provincial-level foreign economic and trade enterprises (groups):
In order to implement the central, provincial party committee, and provincial government’s "six guarantees" and "six stability" deployment requirements, conscientiously implement the "main body to promote two stability" action plan, do a good job in stabilizing foreign trade under normal conditions of epidemic prevention and control, and help our province Foreign trade companies compete for orders online, secure the market, and operate stably. Our department will organize companies to participate in the "Jiangsu Youpin Global Global" online international exhibition in the first half of 2021. The relevant matters concerning the exhibition organizing work are hereby notified as follows:
Exhibition situation:
After public solicitation, expert review, online publicity and other procedures, our office has determined 10
The online international exhibition "Jiangsu Youpin. Go Global" will be held from March to June 2021; the industry covers comprehensive categories, light industrial consumer products, building materials, clothing fabrics, hardware tools, new energy and new materials, etc.; Hosted by 5 e-commerce platforms including International Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd., Focus Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Miolante Business Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai Gebo Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Quanmao Information Technology Co., Ltd. .